Zwanny Ltd News & Updates


Sea works was a good exhibition for us this year, working with Lamor at the exhibition gone well.

We have been able to meet new customers and have received a great number of enquiries to deal with for not only absorbents but skimmers and some of the oil booms we can offer from the Lamor range.

We would like to thank people who came to see us and You might not know but Lamor is the largest oil pollution equipment manufacture in The world with a number of factories in Scandinavia and Spain for boom,tanks, skimmers, pumps and vessels.

With many years of experience and new products being created any oil pollution issue Lamor will have a suitable product to contain and recover hydrocarbons being on water or land.

Not like several other manufactures Lamor have got equipment in stock for a quick turnaround why wait for 6-12 weeks for a section of boom or a skimmer as Lamor can respond in several days like us should this be required.

We did have a small competition to guess how many marbles in a large bottle there were 1146, we had 2 companies very close these being: PLA and the Port of Cork who came very close with the guess and close to the 1146, each won a spill kit.

As a give away we had a great number of stroop wafels with the Zwanny logo on them. We will be looking to take part again next year with another competition and stroop wafels and free cans of drink.

In the meantime if any spill products are required please contact us.