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One of our customers has got a challenge to resolve: residue from leftovers in bottles, this is a nice mix of milk, washing up liquids, soft drinks etc. (they recycle the plastic from the bottles).

As shown above they required a pump to stand on the ground and to pump the area near the ledge as good as dry.

The ideal option would be to have a sump and use a lobe pump on this application, as this is not available we had to come up with other options that could be used for this challenging application.

One of the many type of pumps we can offer is a “puddle” pump for this application the pump is electrically operated 230v and will pump 120l/min and has a 10m head. Pump got a stainless-steel shaft and a urethane volute plate for longer wear and double mechanical seals that are fitted in the lubrication chamber.
For any pump application being large or small or a special why not contact us to discuss the pump that we can offer to suit your application.