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One of our customers who are in Wales and refurbish rollers, had a problem with some of the rollers seeping out oil.
We supplied them with maintenance absorbent rolls which work but are on the floor thin and seem to cringle and fold up for this application they have got in one of the parts of the factory.

We suggested to use the rail mat which seems to stay in place and work well with the oil only seepage that they have got with the rollers.
The Railmat is normally used between the tracks to contain any oils or used in maintenance and freight yard areas or other industrial applications where there is a risk of a possible small spills or seepage of oils.
The railmat is a sandwich of 3 layers all bonded together. The top layer is black uv stabilized needle punch and the core is white Oil only cold form.
The bottom layer is a heavy transparent plastic that will prevent oil spills from leaking through to the ground.
We supply this as an oil only product and can supply this in 48cmx30m or 1.45mx30m.
It is a stock item and might be of interest to you company we are happy to send you a quote.