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​​​​​​​One of our customers in the Middle East needed a skimmer that would be small and portable and does not require any of its own power would work well with a vacuum truck.

We put forward the Lamor Manta Ray skimmer head which is a special weir suction skimmer that has got a flat skimmer head and is shaped like a half a moon made from metal, the unit has got 2 handles fitted for easy to carry around a site if needed and to connect a rope for skimmer guidance when in operation.
The unit has got a number of thin suction channels for continuous liquid flow when in use.
The Manta Ray is not only a lightweight(11.8kg) but is very easy to use product.

Should there be any debris going into the skimmer the unit can be opened for easy removal of debris(as per picture shown above)
There are a number of other products on the market that have got builders foam in-between the 2 half’s and cannot be opened after use, which might make cleaning of the skimmer an issue and shorten the lifespan of the unit.
The unit is supplied with a Camlock for easy connection to a hose.

The skimmer capacity will be depending on the pump rating but the unit will take up at least 20m3/hr with a good pump or vacuum truck.
The skimmer can also be used in shallow water or slow-moving brooks or rivers.
Your vacuum truck might have hoses on board but to have all tools in reach has your vacuum truck got a Lamor Manta Ray skimmer on board? Why not have a chat with us on prices and delivery times for this excellent product.