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One of the food manufactures we supply with spill products and who we offer a waste management system to, had an issue with one of the main interceptors. As they were cleaning IBC’s in the yard, some of the run off got into the drain system which was a mix of edible oils, water and cleaning liquid somebody informed the water company who came to inspect and required the area to be cleaned.
With our waste management partners we came to clean the interceptor 1x vacuum tanker with a jet unit on board.
We vacuumed most of the liquid and afterwards jetted the area clean with the vacuum truck cleaning the sludge that was created.
It was a couple of hours work and we did come across a mix of rubbish in this interceptor from plastic bags to bit of wood.
After 3 hours of work the area was back to how it should be and we took 4tonne from the area and inspection later on in the day by Welsh Water approved of the clean up. If any sludge or interceptor cleaning is requited we are here to help and you can always contact us to discuss your waste stream management.