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One of The UK based refineries asked us for recommendations what product to use for in and around the jetty that they have got.
The jetty is over 2km long and has got most of the pipelines going over it where all the crude oil comes into the refinery and where a range of finished products is transferred to tankers via pipelines.
With a possible leak from any pipe line they needed a product that could be used for this application and where the sea at high tide can go up to 8m and that can be deployed with speed from a rib if needed.
We have got in the range a new absorbent boom that also has a skirt for that extra performance.
The boom includes strong metal connectors for the boom and Velcro overlap to seal the skirt between the sections.
These sorbent booms are a cost-effective way of recovering oil spill from water. They are the perfect complement to containment booms in larger spills and are ideal for use alone in small and medium size spills.
These booms we offer in 12.5m sections(2 in a pack) 20cm diameter absorbent section with a 25cm skirt each section can absorb 330litres each and can be used in temperatures -30c to 70c.
We have got these in stock and can supply these to you if of interest, why not contact us to discuss this new product with us.Start typing your update here...