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We are a young, independent and dynamic family run company that was established in July 2013 offering pollution equipment.

We specialise in providing reliable, high quality products for marine pollution and protecting the environment.

Our aim is to be one of the top suppliers to the market for marine and land based environmental protection. We pride ourselves on our superior customer service, taking great care to understand the needs and requirements of our client base.

We offer a one stop shop for oil and chemical spill cleaning products that are sure to meet your expectations. The Zwanny management team has years of experience in the industry with an extensive background in oil pollution cleaning, power generation and mechanical engineering.

We are committed to our customers and the future of our business. We have invested heavily in product innovation, our supply chain, the communities we operate within, and most importantly you as a customer in order to give you the best choice of products for your application.

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Established in 2013, Zwanny Ltd is an independent company with many years of experience in oil pollution and chemical pollution.

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Product of the Month:Port Bin

Port Bin outside of a warehouse The Port Bin in water

Four ports in Norway and the port of Copenhagen are now using a new developed technology to collect floating trash from the water or where the trash accumulates. As now there is a lot of floating waste in and around Norwegian ports from floating cans to plastics
The port bin is an automatic waste collector that is fixed to an area of the port or marina or other water ways where there is that “spot” with floating trash.
The Port bin works is a weir type skimmer system, it creates a suction on the surface that is allows it collect 30litres of waste in a container which has to be emptied manually when needed. The 30liter is the largest in the market, as our supplier is working on a 50litre option for the future.
An important aspect when the system was created is that it needs to be easy to handle, robust as waves, salt water and wind tides could have an impact and damage the unit. The way it has been designed it has over come these possible issues and the ports that have got this unit, and the feedback seems very positive, having the units working in a number of weather conditions that are in Norway and Denmark.
The unit has a huge water flow 147m3/hr the unit is electric operated up to 750Watt.

Why not get in contact with us to discuss port floating trash as apart from skimmers for hydrocarbons the Port bin will offer a tool to collect those floating parts of plastics and other debris in your port or marina.