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AQUA Weir1 skimmer

The Rigid Manta Ray is ideal for use in shallow water or confined areas where other skimmers can not be used. The skimmer is suitable for thin oil slicks and can be supplied with a diesel hydraulic pump or can be used in conjunction with a vacuum truck.

Micro Skimmer System
RBS Triton skimmer system
The Micro skimmer systems are versatile, ideal for use in protected and calm water environments and are able to recover 15 m³/h.
The Mirco skimmer system consists of three major components: The mic weir oil skimmer head with 3 floats (which can be taken off if needed) a hose set for suction & discharge and the option of the Elro T300 Peristaltic light weight vacuum pump. As the skimmer system is light weight it could fit in the boot of a car and is easy to use.

MINI MAX skimmer system
The Minimax skimmer is a 1 in 3 skimmer unit, that can be used with light oils to thick crude oil. The skimmer would be supplied with a disc/brush/drum bank and these in turn would be easy to use and to change over pending on the application. The skimmer is very lightweight and easy to use and will have a water pick up of less than 5%. The mode of operation would be with hydraulics or can even be connected to a vacuum truck.
MS10 Skimmer system

This is a multi purpose skimmer that can be used to skim most types of
hydrocarbons and can be supplied with a brush, disc or drum option., that can be changed over in less than 5 minuets. The skimmer can be supplied in 3 different ways of operation: the first
being pneumatic with a pneumatic driven pump, the second operation mode would be with a diesel hydraulic powerpack and a hydraulic operated pump and the third mode of operation is with the use of a vacuum truck with hydraulics.

The skimmer body is made from aluminium this makes this skimmer light
weight and very easy to transport. The MS10 will skim 10m3/hr of 98% of oil and 2% of water. Larger types of the MS family are available. Application for the MS10 Would be ports, nearshore, freshwater applications and industrial applications.

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Rock cleaner LRC

The Rockcleaner is a handheld suction nozzles with an integrated brush wheel for improved oil recovery. This product is designed for use on rocky shorelines, ports,roads, oil terminals, and airports. The LRC has a small hydraulically operated brush wheel removing oil from rocks and separating oil and water.The recovered oil is lead into a hopper behind the brush
wheel from where the oil is sucked using a separate suction pump. The weight of the hand held LRC is only 6.5kg it is very portable and user friendly, recovery of light oils to heavy oils with a low free water content of less that 5%.

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Vesselmax LBC 2c/2900 bow collector

The Vesselmax Lamor bow collector 2c is a 2900mm long two chain stiff brush conveyor belt unit which effectively recovers oils and debris. The LBC2C/2900 recovers oils of all types and viscosities and can operate in choppy sea conditions without disrupted performance and its brush conveyor automatically seperates and recovers oils, emulsions and oil debirs from
water.This skimmer is hydraulically powered and has a tilt cylinder for changing between storage and operational positions. Due to the design of the bow collector the skimmer can be deployed with a minimum effort in minutes while maintaining maximum safety.
The bowcollector can be used at vessel speeds upto 4 knots, easy to deploy,
vessel mounted, low maintenance.

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