Welcome to Zwanny Ltd. We are a young, independent and dynamic family run company that was established in July 2013 offering pollution equipment.

We specialise in providing reliable, high quality products for marine pollution and protecting the environment.

Our aim is to be one of the top suppliers to the market for marine and land based environmental protection. We pride ourselves on our superior customer service, taking great care to understand the needs and requirements of our client base.

We offer a one stop shop for oil and chemical spill cleaning products that are sure to meet your expectations. The Zwanny management team has years of experience in the industry with an extensive background in oil pollution cleaning, power generation and mechanical engineering.

We are committed to our customers and the future of our business. We have invested heavily in product innovation, our supply chain, the communities we operate within, and most importantly you as a customer in order to give you the best choice of products for your application.

We are always contactable via phone or email, even outside normal UK working hours. We are always happy to help as we consider your pollution problem to be our problem.

Within the UK we can offer same day next delivery for our Spill kits and our absorbent range of products. For other products like booms, tanks and skimmers we will ensure that the required product will be on site with you in a very short period of time.

Alongside our range of oil skimmers, booms and other cleaning products we also supply spare parts which can be delivered within a matter of days.

Zwanny Ltd do not only cover the UK and we are happy to trade globally.

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Product of the Month: Mini max 25 skimmer

The Minimax 25 skimmer is a lightweight new generation modular oil skimming unit, that is easy to use, transport and to assemble.
The Minimax25 is designed to recover oil from inland waters,rivers and near shore applications.
As the skimmer is portable it can be used in all terrains and environments including remote locations or the Arctic.
The Minimax 25 consists of only 3 easy assembled parts, a skimmer body, a collection hopper and brush mode.
It can therefore be used in less than a minute,disc or bush modules are available as additional optional equipment. The skimmer utilizes the Lamor next generation brush wheel technology, which combines high oil recovery with less than 2% free water content. The unit will need hydraulic power to operate.
We can get these units very quickly to you from stock.
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