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We are a young, independent and dynamic family run company that was established in July 2013 offering pollution equipment.

We specialise in providing reliable, high quality products for marine pollution and protecting the environment.

Our aim is to be one of the top suppliers to the market for marine and land based environmental protection. We pride ourselves on our superior customer service, taking great care to understand the needs and requirements of our client base.

We offer a one stop shop for oil and chemical spill cleaning products that are sure to meet your expectations. The Zwanny management team has years of experience in the industry with an extensive background in oil pollution cleaning, power generation and mechanical engineering.

We are committed to our customers and the future of our business. We have invested heavily in product innovation, our supply chain, the communities we operate within, and most importantly you as a customer in order to give you the best choice of products for your application.

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Established in 2013, Zwanny Ltd is an independent company with many years of experience in oil pollution and chemical pollution.

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Take a look at our extensive range of products, including oil spill kits, booms , skimmers, tailor made solutions.

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Product of the Month: Lamor micro vac system

The Lamor Micro Vac System is a modular skimming solution for cleaning up oilspills on land and shorelines.
The system is specially designed with portability in mind ensuring it can be deployed in terrain hard to reach and with minimum effort and carry equipment.
The system consists of a vacuum pump unit, transfer pump unit, a vacuum dome, a vacuum hopper, hoses and a lance with selection of suction nozzles.
Both Pump units can be disassembled into 2 separate pieces to even further minimize the weight of the separate items. The Vacuum pump and transfer pump are driven by a single cylinder air cooled diesel engine with manual start as standard.
The system comprises a diesel driven vacuum pump that is connected to a portable vacuum dome/hopper. In addition to this the system is supplied with a diesel driven transfer pump, suction lances and oil transfer hose sets.
The vacuum and transfer pump units are powered by a 8 hp air cooled Hatz diesel engine. Each pump has it own diesel engine. The pump and engine are attached to a sturdy frame that can be placed on uneven surfaces.

Alternatively, the system can be used with the Lamor Rock Cleaner or Minimax 12 skimmer for optimum recovery efficiency.

VAC Capacity 285 m³/hr Free Air
Max Vacuum 92 %
Continuous 60 %
Pump capacity: 28m3/hr
Starter Manual (Electric start can be offered as option)
Voltage 12 V
Power supply: 11Kw

The vacuum dome is equipped with a pressure gauge and adjustable vacuum valve. Furthermore the dome is also equipped with a suction relief valve that prevents overfill of the hopper.

The vacuum hopper is equipped with a removable grate that prevents debris from entering the hopper outlet blocking it or damaging the transfer pump.

The system is delivered complete with 2 ½” transfer hoses and a aluminum hand-held lance equipped with two removable lance heads one straight and one fan.
Why not get in contact with us to discuss this portable land based hydrocarbon recovery unit we have got them on a short lead time and some model options are in stock.